Christmas Archway for Lapland UK

carved wooden archway carved wooden archway wooden carved arch oak leaf carving lapland archway

Are you happy enough to meet Father Christmas? No Grumps Allowed!

This Grumpometer Archway was commissioned by Lapland UK in Ascot as the entranceway to Santa’s Grotto, where lucky children – and adults – get to meet with Father Christmas as part of Lapland’s special Christmas extravaganza. The idea being that only happy people are allowed to pass through the arch …

The archway features layers of hand carved details to complement the natural surroundings of the Lapland site, including branches, leafs, acorns, and a couple of discreet faces – one happy and one grumpy!

This is the largest wooden arch we have built to date and is almost 1m deep, creating a tunnel effect and adding to the sense of passing from one realm into another. The archway was constructed in our workshop in Wales and then transported whole down to Ascot where it will be enjoyed by thousands of visitors to the Lapland site in the run-up to Christmas.

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