Forest School Furniture for Outdoor Classrooms

forest school furniture

Forest school projects are all about moving education outdoors and encouraging interaction with the natural environment.

Outdoor learning areas for schools require play and activity equipment that is in keeping with the natural surroundings. We have a long history of making furniture and composting toilets for forest school sites and outdoor learning areas which themselves form part of the nature school experience.

Our range of storytelling furniture encompasses organic Storytelling Chairs, large circular Storytelling Ring Seating, magical woodland Fairy Houses, and even magnificent outdoor School Entrance Archways.

Interactive outdoor classrooms often require their own toilet facilities and composting toilets are the perfect partner in the forest school learning area. We make a wide range of compost toilets, including Disabled Access Composting Toilets and modified versions of our Bog Standard and Gypsy Caravan models that are especially suitable for children and young people.