Talking, Farting, Singing Chair for the Machynlleth Comedy Festival

comedy chair

Nothing makes us happier than making furniture. Well apart from making funny furniture. Ok, well apart from making funny furniture for our local Machynlleth Comedy Festival.

We were commissioned to make a giant Talking Chair by local arts organization Articulture, who were tasked to find local artists and craftspeople to create a series of “Moments of Magic” around Machynlleth during this year’s festival.

We really had a lot of fun working on this project. Our storytelling chairs are often designed for use in schools but when asked to make an interactive talking chair for our town’s comedy festival we jumped at the opportunity to create something new, and to play around with audio as well as wood. We had to quickly learn as much as possible about interactive microchips that allowed us to play sounds when triggers were set off. After extensive research online we ordered the right chips and speakers and got to building the chair out of wood, then had a lot of fun finding and recording the right sounds.

The chair has a motion sensor below the seat that is triggered when people, or dogs, go past, with sounds ranging from a loud fart, to a dog barking, to hilarious laughter. Then when you sit on the chair a new set of audio starts.

You can choose if the chair is happy, sad, or you can put your own face through the hole in the back.

Once we had moved the chair to site and got it installed (it must be the heaviest chair we have ever made) we sat back to watch the fun unfold. We had no expectations but were blown away by the audience interaction. The chair proved to be popular day and night with young, old and dogs. We have had really positive feedback from everyone we have talked to.

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of making this chair and can see ourselves getting more and more involved in creating interactive furniture in the future.

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talking comedy chair
Dan, Ben and Paul

talking chair