The Africa Connection: Part 1

We first started making furniture with our brothers in South Africa many moons ago, before coming over the UK and setting up the business here. After more than a decade away from home, the sister business to Free Range Designs is now up and running again in South Africa, where there is a growing interest in bespoke, eco-conscious furniture.

We recently went over to sunny S.A. to see how the business there is developing and have got many photos and stories to share. Here are some pics of the furniture at Granny Greeba’s house, where a great selection of pieces are prototyped, stored, and in transit to destinations across the country, from outdoor wine tables to giant thrones and kiddie chairs.

The SA website is live! Click here to see Sylvantutch South Africa.

Look out for Part 2, where we’ll visit the Sylvantutch workshop deep in the forest!

Wine table  Wine Table     Kiddies chairs

Outdoor wooden garden throne

Rustic side table

dining room chair

side table

rustic beech bed