The ideal glamping toilet and shower for your luxury campsite

glamping shower and toilet

compost toilet and showerThe wait is over.

We have finally combined the features of our popular Bog Standard compost toilet with the stand alone shower unit to create this all in one compost loo and shower building.

We have created this design in response to demand from our glampsite customers, who have been keen to buy a combined toilet and shower unit that looks stylish and will fit in with the glamping aesthetic. So we have come up with this attractive wooden toilet and shower cabin, which can be located almost anywhere, offering a wonderfully hot shower and a clean toilet experience in even the most remote of settings.

Shower with a view

The toilet and shower combo is made from Douglas fir and clad in vertical cedar boards. The roof is clear so that guests have as much light inside as possible. On the version of the shower pictured here we have created a window on the side, as this unit was commissioned by a campsite with a lovely view over a river.

Environmentally friendly outdoor shower

The interior of the shower has been clad in cedar boards, but could also be covered with  shower splashboards or even tiled. The campsite owner wanted to keep the shower unit as eco as possible so the water for the shower is heated by a wood-fired donkey boiler. With this system you get a piping hot shower once the fire has been going for just twenty minutes.

If you wanted to supply immediate and constant hot water, then the shower water heater could also be a fully adjustable LPG device. We have used the leading brand Morco for this in the past.

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compost toilet campsite shower compost toilet inside

The compost toilet uses our famous wheelie bin composting system with our urine diverter. Read more about our wheelie bin compost loos here.

Hot water, shower, and composting toilet all in one.


compost toilet and shower