Driftwood Four Poster Tree Bed


Make a real impression in your home with this stunning driftwood four poster canopy bed that will create a unique focal point in your bedroom. Sleeping in a four-poster driftwood bed will make you feel like royalty!

Handpicked pieces of sea-smoothed driftwood stretch upwards and combine with a solid slab of beech wood, patterned with beautiful black spalting lines, to create a unique sleeping platform that is unforgettable.

The organic twists and turns of the wood we use really come to the fore in our driftwood beds; knots and wavy lines of grain are part of the organic beauty of the design.

Headboard and tailboard are two separate units that slot together with the side lengths, meaning that the whole bed can be dismantled for delivery and carrying (up the stairs!) to its final destination. Traditional mortice and tenon joints lock this bed firmly together, and strong bed bolts make for an easy assembly and a solid bed that will last a lifetime.

We can craft your bed to your specifications and enjoy working on bespoke creations, so please get in contact to discuss your ideas.


Bed Sizes

Standard single: 3' x 6'3", (90 cm by 190 cm)

Standard double: 4'6" x 6'3", (135 cm by 190 cm)

King: 5' x 6'6", (150 cm by 200 cm)

Super King: 6' x 6'6", (180 cm by 200 cm)


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