Budget Bog Standard Compost Toilet


This is the smallest and most basic version of our popular Bog Standard composting toilet, which uses the age-old bucket system for collecting humanure and is great for use in your school, garden or on your allotment.

Wonderfully simple, this system requires no water or electricity, and is free of smells when managed well. All you need to add into the bucket is a handful of soak (sawdust or other carbon rich material) after each use.

The Bucket Bog is a great option for people requiring a lower structure than our standard Bog as it does not use a wheelie bin and therefore requires no steps up to the cubicle.

If you require a low-usage compost toilet, then this is the loo for you: when the bucket is full you simply lift it out from under the toilet seat and empty the contents onto a designated humanure composting pile outside.

Unlike the classic bucket system toilets, the Bucket Bog uses a urine separator to divert the wee away from the solids. Separating the urine is particularly useful for eliminating any smells and once collected it can then be used as a fertiliser on the garden (diluted 1:10 in water).

Read more about how our composting toilets work here.

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