Giant Storytelling Chair


It is our passion to make storytelling chairs such as this, and after 12 years of crafting them we know what it takes to make the perfect seat that will last through the ages. Our experience and craftsmanship enable us to turn your dream chair into a solid reality that we can send to your door, so please get in contact with your particular needs and specifications. Or stick to the original storytelling design if you like what you see.

This Giant Storytelling Chair has been made from 100% oak, so is extremely durable and can be used as a outdoor garden chair or in a school storytelling area.The wood is finished with Danish oil but can equally be left bare for a more natural look.


total height = 185cm

total depth = 85cm

total width = 85cm

seat height = 54cm

internal seat depth = 55cm

point between arm rests at the back= 35cm,

point between legs at the front = 55m

The dimensions can be customised to fit, so let me know if there are any modification you require.

This majestic storytelling chair befits a master storyteller, an exceptional piece of furniture from which words take wing and tales become myths. Sit back as your audience gathers around you and the story begins to take shape...

Crafted from 100% recycled wood, this solid, beautiful artefact is a fusion of sea-smoothed driftwood gleaned from the West Wales coastline and wind-warped fence posts reclaimed from local hill farms.


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