Handmade Dreamweaver Bed


A beautiful handcrafted four-poster bed that will take you on magical adventures within its otherworldly shapes while you dream…

Intertwining pieces of varied colourful woods have been expertly joined to form the headboard of this stunning bed, evoking the waves and elements from whence the timber came, while the four tall posts retain their natural woodland form and character as they rise upwards towards the sky. 

Handmade is our workshop in Wales, this Wooden Fairy Bed is a wondrous showpiece for your bedroom as well as being incredibly strong.  Built to last a lifetime!

All our beds are designed to be easy to transport and reassemble in your home, with the headboard and tailboard attaching securely to the side pieces using mortise and tenon joints.

A truly magical bed in which to share your slumber with the spirit of the trees.

"If we shadows have offended,

Think but this, and all is mended,

That you have but slumber'd here

While these visions did appear.

And this weak and idle theme,

No more yielding but a dream…"

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