So Easy Mechanical Seed Sowing Tray


After bending over trays for weeks I decided that there has to be a better way to quickly sow trays of seeds. After prototyping this in the workshop and messing around with hole sizes Iwe have come up with a system that can easily sow all sorts of seeds. From onions to beetroots. This mechanical seed sowing tray takes inspiration from the KwikClik seed sower.


The seed sower is designed to be modular and to work with all the various seed trays on the market. We initially designed it around the containerwise trays but have also made templates for all the other seed trays 72-Cell, 128-Cell, 200-Cell, Paperpot and more

Let us know your dimensions and we will make one to fit. 

Each Sow Easy tray comes with three holes diameters allowing you to drop one or many seeds into each cell. 2mm, 4mm and 6mm



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