Gypsy Caravan Compost Toilet


A stylish wooden composting toilet for your campsite, allotment, school grounds or garden.

The Gypsy Caravan compost toilet is the ideal choice for people looking to buy a compost loo that will not only provide necessary toilet facilities in locations with no water or electricity but will also bring an aesthetic charm to the natural surroundings.

The Gypsy Caravan composting toilet can be self-assembled anywhere. It is compact, requires no foundations, is easy to install and is delivered direct to you on a pallet.

Built in our workshop in Wales, the Gypsy Caravan composting toilet is made entirely from locally sourced and sustainable timbers.

This toilet uses the wheelie bin composting system for collecting and storing the humanure, and keeps liquids separate from solids to ensure excellent compost and no smells.

Read more about how our composting toilets work here.

The Gypsy Caravan composting toilet is the next size up from the Bog Standard in our range of compost toilets for sale, providing more space inside and taking design inspiration from the traditional bow top Gypsy caravan.

This is a toilet that will have you producing high grade compost in a stylish building for years to come!


- Wooden compost toilet building, supplied flat-pack
- Urine separator with attachments and hosing
- 20 litre plastic container for collecting urine (if not diverted to a soakaway)
- Wooden toilet seat with lid
- Toilet roll dispenser
- Wooden door and steps
- Easy to follow self-assembly instructions
- User’s Manual to help you get the most out of your Free Range loo

Toilet Dimensions:

240cm high x 108cm wide x 155cm deep

Dear Paul,

Just wanted to say how thrilled we are with our Toilet.
After a little head-scratching we soon got to grips with the assembly instructions and we had a fun couple of hours assembling.
Two weeks of use and it's perfect…no smell and everyone has taken to alfresco pooing with great glee!
It is proving so popular with our guests that we are considering adding a visitors' book!
We shall be back to you next year for a couple more for our farm camp.

Best Regards,

- a happy Gypsy Caravan Compost Toilet owner

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