Happy Customers with their new Driftwood Bed

handmade-driftwood-bed handmade-driftwood-bed_4“We have managed to somehow get the bed to the first floor : its absolutely stunning.

I must say the pictures you sent didn’t do it justice and I was a bit worried as it looked like the wood frame was different to the headboard.

Although it was expected, I just didn’t realise how heavy the whole bed is, not to mention the spectacular yet simple bed side tables which I believe slightly crippled my poor Dave I actually tried to lift one of them and failed miserably.

The whole set is a true masterpiece, any bed frame would pale next to your design.
Thank you very much for your effort and amazing work.
Dave and I adore our bed and we look forward to our first night in it.
It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with your company, worth every penny.

Many thanks, have a great week end.

Dave and Isa