Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is coming up next week and we’re feeling the love!

Hearts have always played a part in our furniture, from large driftwood heart sculptures to small decorative heart cut-outs: they have such a lovely shape and are a great way of saying “I love you”, at any time of year!

driftwood-heart-mirror_3 Lovechairs011 Driftwood-hear-tmirror_2 Large-Driftwood-Heartheart-kids-seat heart_garden_bench-SQdecorativebench007 decorativebench003heart-bench-detail driftwood-wave-bed kids-heart-chair driftwood-wave-bed_2 driftwood-wedding-arch_11 driftwood-heart_8 wedding-arch-09 wedding-arch driftwood-wedding-arch_18driftwood-heart_2 oak-dining-chair