Design Your Own Chair


You can choose to personalise an item you see already on the website, or you can come up with a totally new design - we love bespoke in all its forms!

Prices will vary depending on the wood and design.

Call us on 01650 570 305 or email to get the ball rolling.

Pictured here is just a handful of the bespoke storytelling chairs that we have made. Each one started as an idea from an individual or a school, and was brought to life by the Free Range Designs team.

Benches in memory of loved ones; storytelling chairs incorporating school emblems; huge, ambitious statement thrones for iconic places; we do it all, and we love it!

Designing your own furniture gives you the flexilbilty to make your storytelling chair or bench truly personal, with a message that is meaningful to you and your audience, and a unique twist that means no-one else in the world has the a piece exactly the same as yours!

Don't be afraid to contact us with your ideas, no matter how whacky you might think they are.

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