Plans for Gypsy Compost Toilet


Embark on an eco-friendly DIY project with our Plans for Gypsy Compost Toilet. This comprehensive guide provides everything you need to build your own attractive, low-cost, waterless composting toilet. Perfect for those who love DIY projects and sustainable living, these plans offer a step-by-step guide to creating a functional and beautiful compost loo.


  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Detailed construction guide from start to finish, ensuring an easy and smooth building process.
  • Visual Aids: Includes photographs and illustrations throughout to help you visualize each step.
  • Material Guide: Lists all the materials needed, where to purchase them, and their costs.
  • Complete Cutting List: Provides a thorough cutting list of all the timber required for the project.
  • Siting Suggestions: Tips on the best locations for siting your compost toilet.
  • Urine Separation Tips: Learn how to effectively separate urine and produce high-quality compost.

Design Options:

  • Small Lightweight Bog Standard Toilet: A compact and easy-to-build option.
  • Larger Curvier Gypsy Toilet: Adds a touch of charm with a more spacious design.
  • Disabled Access Toilet: Designed for accessibility, ensuring inclusivity.

Customer Testimonials: Hi Paul & Suzanne,

Photo of the first one as requested. The second one is in position but I haven't dug the soak-away yet. Tomorrow maybe...

I lined the insides with 5mm ply to make them less shed-like and because I'm using a smaller (circular container), I was able to make the base section a lot lower. I didn't radius the top of the door because I decided to leave the top spacer in to hold the frame more rigidly.

It's a good design and I'm very pleased with the results.


Kind regards, Gary

Hi Paul,

We have just completed the first of many compost toilets. Thank you for the concise plans and for your support over the phone.

Thank you, Fran and Neil, Berkham Camping Holidays

Create your own composting toilet with our Plans for Gypsy Compost Toilet and contribute to sustainable living. Whether you choose the small standard, the larger gypsy style, or the accessible design, our plans ensure you have all the information and guidance needed for a successful build. Order your plans today and start your eco-friendly project!

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