Twin Composting Toilet


The Twin Compost Toilet unit combines two of our popular Bog Standard Compost Toilets side by side in one compact building. Perfect for locations with multiple users, this dual-unit offers efficient, chemical-free toilet facilities in a single structure.


  • Dual Toilets: Two separate composting toilets in one building, ideal for campsites, festivals, and venues with high visitor numbers.
  • Compact and Efficient: Provides multiple toilet facilities in a space-saving design.
  • Customizable Cladding: Available with loglap cladding for a traditional log cabin look or waney edge cladding like the Gypsy Caravan composting toilet.
  • Versatile Roof Options: Choose from shingles, a living turf roof, EDPM rubber, or a tin roof.
  • Accessible Options: Can be made with a standard-sized toilet on one side and a disabled access toilet on the other. A ramp can be added for disabled access depending on the terrain.
  • Eco-Friendly: Uses the same wheelie bin composting system as our other toilets, providing an environmentally friendly waste solution.


  • Dimensions: Customizable to fit your specific needs.
  • Materials: Handmade in Wales from locally sourced materials.

Additional Information:

  • Handmade Quality: Each unit is handcrafted with care, ensuring durability and functionality.
  • Delivery and Installation: Due to the size of this unit, delivery and installation are not included in the price. Charges will vary depending on your location.

Why Choose Our Twin Compost Toilet:

  • Ideal for Large Groups: Perfect for locations with high foot traffic and multiple users.
  • Sustainable and Chemical-Free: Provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilets.
  • Customizable Design: Tailor the unit to your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Commissioned Example: The unit featured in the pictures was commissioned by a campsite in Oxford, showcasing loglap cladding and shingles for a traditional look. Various other customization options are available based on your budget and requirements.

Contact Us: Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs and the options available. We are here to help you create the perfect compost toilet solution for your location.

Explore the full range of our composting toilets and find the perfect fit for your needs.

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