A grand armchair for good companions

We love to adapt our furniture to suit your needs and here is a lovely example of how we produce custom-made pieces that really tune in to our customers individual preferences.

You don't have to tell stories to own a story telling chair. In this case it serves as a stunning garden feature for a family home and a very high end pet chair!  

Our storytelling chairs come in all shapes, styles and sizes for you to peruse to wet your appetite. Then if you wish you can add in your own individual  requirements or designs and we will do our best to manifest your dream chair! 

Special armchair for faithful friends

"How is this for a representation with Shanti actually sitting in it! "

Richard Winterbottom 

Owner of two beautiful storytelling chairs and 2 fine Labradors, Balou and puppy Shanti, the inspiration behind his latest Free Range Design acquisition.