A real statement piece!

 "It looks magnificent and is everything we could have hoped for" 😊 

I’ve sent pictures of the bed to a few of my friends and the typical reply is,wow, that’s amazing, have never seen anything like it, where did you get it ?

It actually went together really easily thanks to your simple instructions and lettering system.  I am pleased you found a way to fabricate the headboard in pieces as otherwise I think it would have been a real struggle to get it upstairs.

A real statement piece. 

Thank you again, it really has been an absolute  pleasure working with you.

Kind regards

A real statement piece

Appreciative customers share their enthusiasm towards their newly arrived Kingsize Oak Constellation bed

Resplendent now in position with the contrast of the rugged natural shapes and textures of the wood serving as the perfect backdrop to the soft and subtle décor of the surrounding interior décor  . 

Thankyou to Adam for your generous feedback and lovely pics.