Celebrating Love and Memories with a Handcrafted Anniversary Garden Chair

We recently had the pleasure of crafting a unique anniversary garden chair for a wonderful couple, Matt and Laura. They reached out to us with a heartfelt request to design a bench that commemorates their first anniversary and the special moments in their life together.

lighthouse bench

The Story Behind the Chair

Matt and Laura got married at a lighthouse on the Welsh coast, a place that holds significant memories for them, including their first date. They recently moved into their forever home and are expecting their first child in November. To celebrate their journey, they wanted a bench that features a lighthouse design, heart motifs, and a custom engraving.

The Design

The bench is made from solid wood, ensuring durability and a timeless rustic charm. The backrest showcases an intricately carved lighthouse surrounded by waves, symbolizing their wedding location. Heart motifs are thoughtfully incorporated into the design, representing their love and commitment. The engraving reads "Matt & Laura 30-7-21" and "And so the adventure continues," capturing their beautiful journey.

lighthouse bench sketch

Creating Cherished Memories

This handcrafted bench is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a symbol of love, memories, and new beginnings. It’s now proudly placed in their garden, serving as a daily reminder of their special day and the exciting future ahead.

Custom Creations

At Free Range Designs, we love creating pieces that tell a story. If you have a unique idea or want to commemorate a special occasion, we’d love to help bring your vision to life. Contact us to discuss your custom project!

Detail of Lighthouse Carving: "Detailed view of the lighthouse carving on the backrest of a custom wooden garden chair, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship
Overall Chair in Garden Setting: "Handcrafted wooden garden chair featuring a lighthouse design, heart motifs, and custom engraving, set in a lush garden environment


We are honored to be part of such meaningful moments and look forward to creating more bespoke pieces that celebrate life’s precious milestones.

Have a look a the lighthouse bench here