Compost Toilet for Camden Square

camden compost toilet

Here are some pictures of a recent Disabled Access Compost Toilet installation we completed in Camden Square, London. The toilet was built for the St Paul’s Woodland Garden Project and includes a wheelchair accessible ramp, wall mounted urinal and sink.

Composting toilets provide essential facilities in locations that have no mains services. Community gardens such as the Woodland Garden Project in the grounds of St Paul’s Church are ideal settings for compost toilets. The humanure and urine from the toilet can be collected, composted over six months and then fed back to the soil, returning nutrients to the earth and helping to grow successful crops.

Our composting toilet designs can be adapted to the requirements of individual sites. The gardens of St Paul’s Church have preservation orders on the trees, so the entire structure has been built above ground, instead of having the usual counter ramp for the wheelie bin access.

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