Composting Toilets in High Places

Wow, I’ve just come back from visiting my friends Peter Canham and Mark Bond who run the living tree-houses in Mid-Wales.

Totally inspiring tree houses in the beautiful Welsh countryside!

The tree houses are amazing robust structures perched in some very beautiful oak forests. Typically, I climbed up and immediately started inspecting the toilets! The views from their compost toilets are incredible. The toilets are housed separately from the main buildings in a little outhouse. Urine is separated from the solids using our urine separator and then it is piped into a soak away in the forest floor. The solids are collected in a 240 litre wheelie bin, sometimes 20 meters up in the tree and then once every 6 months they are lowered down in a very very careful fashion, where they are emptied into a standard composting bin to break down into useful manure.

Well done guys!

living-room-treehouse compost-toilet-treehouse

living-room-tree-house treehouse-compost-toiletliving-room-tree-house_4