Could You Use A Composting Loo?

There are many places where you could use a composting toilet – anywhere, in fact, that you might need to go!

Since our stylish compost toilets don’t need mains water, electricity or drainage, they can be installed in almost any location you might think of, and offer an ideal, ecologically friendly option for sites of all kinds. We’ve already installed composting toilets in a diverse range of sites including festival grounds, holiday accommodation sites and even a Buddhist monastery.

Composting toilets for allotments have proved very popular, making the sites more attractive and practical for all the community. When mains toilets are not an option, the idea of being caught short when you’re busy working on your vegetable patch or of having to traipse home when you need to go can discourage people from taking on an allotment. A composting toilet is easy to install, looks attractive and stylish, doesn’t create any unpleasant lingering smells, and helps to encourage families and older community residents to make use of the allotments, all the while creating safe, natural organic compost to fertilise the soil. Allotment associations are even frequently able to get funding for projects which improve their sites in this way.compost-toilet-allotment

Other sites where nature is important prove popular as locations for composting toilets; nature reserves, game reserves, and any other kind of site where people may be encouraged to spend time in the wilds. Other aspects of their design can prove to be beneficial too; a composting toilet doesn’t flush (you simply add a handful of carbon-rich soak) so there’s no unnecessary noise to break into the tranquillity of the area or disturb local wildlife; they can be temporary or permanent solutions, and they are simply more attractive than a plastic blue portaloo.

The fact is, wherever people go, there’s a good chance that they’ll need to go, and they don’t often want to do so behind a bush! If you’re managing any kind of site where mains toilets aren’t an option and you want something a little more attractive, ecologically sound and with low running costs, a composting toilet is an excellent solution. Contact us online or call us on 077 594 39658 to talk to us about how our designs can help you.