New Compost Toilet for Shepherds Hut

We have just come back from delivering another bog standard compost loo. The couple wanted a toilet for there holiday shepherds hut. We were also asked to design a enclosure for the two wheelie bins to rest while the compost matured.

Here is a testimonial from Nancy :


“We are so pleased with the compost loo,its really too good to be a loo!! I love your attention to detail with the smooth carved steps,moon window and even a proper lock. We didn’t need the instructions as you were so helpful but they are very clear and concise, great if we want to re-position it. The wheelie bin storage is far sturdier than I had imagined,well done for making the bins unobtrusive in our surroundings. Thank you again and we are looking forward to the compost.”

Nancie and Ed, Powys

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compost-toilet-enclosure-for-wheelie-bin wheelie-bin-toilet photo bog-standard-wheelie-bin-compost-toilet