Our New Giant Wooden Throne

Just one look tells you that this chair has lived! It’s gorgeously weathered seat tells of previous incarnations and stories long forgotten. In fact such a magnificent throne could’ve come straight from the pages of the Mabinogi, the traditional Welsh tales of instruction for young aristocrats.

It’s indeed a throne fit for a king or a queen! Perhaps even for Brân the Blessed or Bendigeidfran, literally the "Blessed Crow", the legendary Welsh giant and king, who was never able to fit inside a house!! However, we feel that there’s a pretty good chance he’d be able to fit in this giant sized chair!

Four versions of this enormous throne, were recently commissioned for Harlech Castle. And appropriately enough, in the Second Branch of the Mabinogi, as Irish ships approach Harlech Castle, Brân the Blessed is there to greet the Irish king. Later, when Brân invades Ireland, he wades across the Irish sea, ahead of his fleet, as none of his ships can carry him, then when the Irish withdraw and destroy the bridge, Brân lays himself across the river Shannon so his troops can march across his body.

Naturally this throne is of the same mettle, as sturdy and dependable as no other piece of furniture could be, it’s carved arms echo the battlements of Harlech Castle. And yet, steeped in beautiful Celtic knot work and draped in the myths and stories of Mid and North Wales, it is also, without doubt, regal and majestic.

Similarly, Brân was also a magical King. After receiving a fatal wound, in order to protect Britain from it’s enemies, he instructed his men to cut off his head and bury it on the White Hill in London, thought to be the site of the Tower of London.

Before this however, within Harlech Castle, and overseen by the magical Bird’s of Rhiannon, Brân’s head regaled and entertained the survivors for seven years. One of the Bird’s of Rhiannon still sits atop of the throne, ensuring that whoever claims it as their own will also be able to hold court with the gifts of the raconteur and the silver tongue of the storyteller.

Bespoke designs and dimensions available on request.


Giant Wooden Throne

Throne Close up