Primary pupils help design fairy tale fantasy chair

Fairytale fantasy throne
Childrens fairy tale fantasy chair
Working drawings storytelling chair Pupils designs for storytelling chair

Pupils designs for fairytale chair

Pupils ideas for story chair

“Sorry, the end of term was so busy that I don't think I sent you any photos of the chair! We love it and the children thought it was fantastic that their designs were incorporated. - thank you so much.

 Natalie Collier

Assistant Headteacher

 Brightwell cum Sotwell C of E  Primary School

From the drawing board to the finished article the teachers at Brightwell cum Sotwell C of E .primary school made sure to involve the school children in this wondrous outdoor story telling throne, utilising  their creativity and imagination to realise their dream fairy tale chair. 

Here you see the evolution from the thought processes and visual ideas of the children, to Dan's working sketches and then the final manifestation in wood.

This is how we work best and as you can see produces magnificent results with very satisfied customers!