Storytelling chairs for school playground

storytelling chair for school

Making storytelling chairs for schools is one of the most rewarding and creative aspects of our work. We all know how important children’s imaginations are for cognitive development. Children do not move, think or speak in a straight line, and neither does imagination nor creativity.

So  our wonky, weird and wonderful storytelling furniture can only ignite children’s imaginations and creativity. And what better way of sparking the imagination that to sit outside under a tree and listen to a story?

Here are some photos our story chairs outside and a testimonial from the school.

“Hello Free Range Designs

These were such great products and I have recommended you to many other people. The school (Saffron Green Primary, Borehamwood) loved them and proceeded to make an event where they got an actor in to read some stories.

Thanks again.”

Matt Pearson
Employment Project Tutor

Groundwork Hertfordshire | Luton & Bedfordshire

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storyteller-chair-school_3storytelling chair for school