The Art of Carpentry

The team here at Free Range Designs has recently run a very successful wood furniture making course. We’ve always believed that crafting wooden furniture is more of an art-form rather than a profession reserved for the elite; we want everyone to be able to use their imagination and create beautiful, functional pieces. 


Carpentry has existed in one form or another since the dawn of mankind’s tool-using abilities. In fact, it is widely thought that the object used in the groundbreaking moment of our ancestors’ newfound discovery was a simple wooden stick. Since then woodwork has been an integral part of our species’ skills-set, from building shelters and houses to bridges and instruments – not to mention beautiful storytelling chairs, handmade wooden beds, or literally anything else you can imagine!


The first and perhaps most important stage for any form of carpentry is the design. This is where all the lavish plans are forged and where all the serious planning takes place. Often the ideas begin grandiose and unburdened as the artist’s mind is allowed to run wild; but then the plans gradually become more succinct as the notion of practicality comes to the fore. There is also an important element of mathematics behind the designs as although we love curves and organic lines it is nevertheless very important that pieces match up precisely, to avoid creating wonky furniture!



The next stage in the process is sourcing the correct tools and materials to carry out the work. These will vary vastly from project to project, depending on the goals and aesthetic of the woodwork. There are various types of timber that could suffice but to create a truly great piece of furniture the perfect type of timber has to be selected.

And then it is a matter of selecting the right tools for the job, and with handmade items there will often be a combination of tools, ranging from saws and axes to chisels and planes, at work.


The concluding stage is the construction and finish. At this point you’re responsible for translating the design and vision into a practical, useable piece of furniture. This is where all the planning and work done prior to the construction pays off and a high level of precision can be achieved.


All the basic cuts, mitres and joints have to be made, and then the whole thing must be attentively pieced together. A great deal of time goes into working the wood, and everything is handled with the utmost care to avoid any splintering or impairment. Then the final touches are put in place and the furniture is ready for use.

Now relax, feel that pure satisfaction, and take pride in your creation.

At Free Range Designs we’re dedicated to creating the very best bespoke wooden furniture and if you want to learn our techniques at first-hand then come along to one of our courses! Our experienced team consistently put these processes into practice to achieve the perfect product for our customers. To learn more about any of our products or the way we work, please contact us or give us a call on 07759439658.