The Return of the speaking chair...

The Free Range Designs crew were up into the small hours putting the final touches to our magical talking chair, the night before Mach comedy festival exploded on our door steps. Festival organisers describe our local town Machynlleth as " a playground for comedians and artists to experiment and grow away from critical eyes."

It is with this spirit that the talking chair was born and is now a regular feature and  literally a talking point at this marvellous festival.  We welcome it back with open arms after two long years without it running.  

As locals, incomers and performers roved between street entertainers, food stalls, the main big top and the numerous venues offering a huge diversity of comedy, spoken word and theatre, they stumbled across the wonder of the interactive talking chair.

It provided no end of amusement to adults as well as children, who kept coming back for more. They couldn't quite believe that this seemingly inanimate object had a life of it's own. People were convinced there was someone hiding inside it or in the bushes nearby .

From Monty Python to Benny Hill tunes, to corny jokes, the chair reeled out a non-stop medley of random nonsense and silliness and was once again a memorable addition to the festival. We can't wait for it all to happen again next May bank holiday weekend.  

Check out this year's programme at  Machynlleth Comedy Festival | Home ( to get a taste of what it's all about and come on down or up to our town to see it bursting at the seams with comedians, musicians and street artists.  


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