Waterless Compost Toilet for Home


We recently installed our first bespoke indoor compost toilet for a house in France.

The home owners had previously installed an Envirolet compost toilet  but were very unhappy with the results. The main issues with the Envirolet compost toilet system were that there was no urine separation and it  relied on evaporating the liquids and solids with a heating element. Not only was this  system inefficient and costly, it was also environmentally disastrous. Imagine how long you would have to boil a kettle to evaporate a litre of urine!

Oh well, we uninstalled the Envirolet compost toilet and built a custom -made composting toilet unit, using a urine separator and a wheelie bin receptacle.  It is the perfect system for this particular property, as  the house has a cellar directly underneath the toilet room, with  ground level access, so the wheelie bin can be easily  transported outdoors to a secondary composting box.

We also created a sealed box around the wheelie bin to isolate it  from the cellar and to eliminate any draughts between the cellar and the toilet room upstairs. We installed an extractor fan that ventilated the smells to a vent pipe outside the building.

Making bespoke compost toilets for homes is something that we would like to do more of. If you would be interested in getting a quote from us to install one in your home then please contact us for more information.

Disastrous Envirolet Toilet