Colourful woodland toad stools

Painted mushroom stools outdoor

These child-friendly hand-made painted mushroom seats are a new addition to our repertoire of fantasy outdoor furniture.

A step on from our natural look wooden mushroom seats, these versions are embellished with colour to add an additional dose of magic: a larger than life depiction of these fabulous Fly Agaric fungi with their psychedelic polka dot spots.

An extra special touch is the way the beautiful ripple effect of the wood grain appears through the semi translucent red paint, giving each mushroom seat its own subtle and delicate natural pattern.

When you stumble across the real Amanita muscaria, they immediately transport you into a enchanted kingdom with mythical beings and tales of the unexpected.

We hope our wooden version will have the same effect and allow your children's imagination to run free.

 Placed in a circle or semi-circle these go well in conjunction with our wonderful and unique storytellers thrones.

In an age where we have to compete more with digital distractions than ever before to engage young people with the natural world and the art of listening, these simple wooden sculptures help to facilitate this process, where the real and imaginary worlds collide without the aid of a device. 

Invite some gnomes to tea, entertain the elves and welcome the flying reindeer to your outdoor fantasy garden.