Compost toilet delivery to Racquety Lodge Campsite

We are pleased to have just returned from Hay-on-Wye where we have delivered this compost toilet to the lovely owners of Racquety Lodge. Thank you for showing us around your lovely farm and for ordering another of our compost toilets. Have a look at more of our compost loos for sale here.
We love our Free Range Loo. In fact visitors are very attracted to it! They long to mount the steps and sit in splendid isolation contemplating their next move…. well the loo works really well and is a pleasure to have in the garden. A worthwhile investment.’

Ros and Geoff Garratt, Racquets Farm, Hay-on-Wye, Powys.


compost-toilet_3 compost toilet in campsite wheelie bin compost toilet composting toilet interior