We Love Bespoke...



I need more storage in my bedroom: Can you make me a bed with 18 drawers?

A slick Cabin Bed with two sets of nine drawers accessed from both sides of the bed. Storage space need never be an issue in your bedroom again!

I'm expanding my woodland visitor centre: Can you create a fairy village with ornate entrance gate?

A series of magical installations from a coded entrance archway to colourful Fairy Houses set high in the trees.

We're designing a storytelling project in the historic town of Harlech: Can you create a set of statement chairs?

Five giant majestic seats reflecting the drama and beauty of Harlech's Castle and mythology, as the story winds from the town centre out to the Irish Sea.



Yes we can....



We love the Disabled Access Compost Toilet Block: Can you add a decorative mural above the sinks?

Fully accessible composting toilets equipped with wheelchair accessible ramp, hand washing facilities, and eye catching wooden tree mural.

I'm renovating my house and would like more natural lines: Can you make me a rustic handrail?

A bespoke bannister of driftwood selected from our local rivers and beaches and installed in situ to create an original and appealing take on the old stairway.

I Love Tim Burton movies: Can you make me a Nightmare Before Christmas bed?

The film lover's dream bed: a super king size bed frame that reflects the unique mood and style of Tim Burton's famous film.



Yes we can....