Compost Toilet for Ancient Woodland Site

Here are some photos of a Bog Standard compost toilet that has been installed to provide essential facilities on an ancient woodland site in East Sussex, where it was important to have a building that is in-keeping with the natural surroundings.

And here’s his feedback – another happy customer


We have the compost toilet installed in a clearing within some ancient woodland, alongside the woodman’s shed and work area. It blends in there nicely and it’s also a good functional location for it and one where a traditional plumbed toilet would not have been possible.
Thanks for all your help. Once the base was down, it went up very smoothly and quickly with no problems and it’s a good, sturdy construction so don’t need to worry about it being caught by the wind either. I’m delighted with it.

Kind regards,

Compost Toilet for Woodland Ancient Woodland Bog 2