Driftwood beds come in all shapes and sizes!

The first driftwood bed I ever made was meant to be for my wife and me. It was built in time for our wedding day but never installed in our bedroom because some friends pointed out that, with us soon expecting a baby, a double bed would not be big enough. So we bought a king size mattress and the double driftwood bed frame was sold to someone else. (My wife and I are still sleeping on a make shift bed base hurriedly knocked together in time for the new mattress and new baby …)

We then started to get orders for king size and super king size driftwood bed frames, from families larger than ours, and so the design of the beds was modified and adapted accordingly. Many of our new designs are driven by customer requests for personal variations on existing products, and nowhere more so than with our driftwood beds. We’ve received requests for beds to be of a specific height to fit in an enclosed space or for the wood used to make the bed to be of a certain colour to match existing bedroom furniture. Most recently we had an order from a couple wanting a new bed for every member of their family, and so came the first single driftwood bed frame and first set of driftwood bunk beds! We are always keen to build new designs so don’t hesitate to contact us with your dream bed idea.
Here are the Driftwood Beds made from 2010-2011…
rustic-driftwood-beds rustic-driftwood-beds_2 rustic-driftwood-beds_3 rustic-driftwood-beds_4 rustic-driftwood-beds_5 rustic-driftwood-beds_6 rustic-driftwood-beds_7 rustic-driftwood-beds_8 rustic-driftwood-beds_9 rustic-driftwood-beds_10 rustic-driftwood-beds_11