Handmade Wooden Bed Collection

We have been making handmade wooden beds for over 10 years now. Each bed is unique, each piece of wood is collected by hand, crafted by hand and delivered as a stunning pieces of art. Over the years we must have made over 100 beds with new variations each time a customer asks. All of the materials we use are environmentally friendly, either salvaged from the beach or sourced from sustainably managed local woodlands and saw mills. We make single beds and bunk beds for kids, double beds, king and super king sized beds, and any size is possible!

Here some of the examples of our handmade wooden beds that we have crafted over the years:

handmade-wooden-deisgner-beddesigner-handmade-wooden-bed funky handmade-wooden-bed oak four poster bed oak-handmade-wooden-bed rustic-handmade-wooden-bedhandmade-wooden-double four-post-handmade-bed funky-handmade-wooden-bed four-post-handmade-wooden-bed chunky-handmade-wooden-bed handmade-fourposter-wooden-bed handmade-woodland-bed handmade-wooden-bunk-bed handmade-wooden-bed-framehandmade-wooden-beach-bed handmade-wooden-driftwood-bedhandmade-wooden-fairy-bed