New We-Pee website for selling urine separators

We are please to unveil the new website for selling our urine separator. we-pee logo

We-pee is a website selling urine separators for composting toilets. We created this website to promote our urine separators made by our main company Free Range Designs.  We have been making and selling compost toilets for over ten years now and this urine diverter is the culmination of all those years of research and development. When we first started making compost toilets, we were unhappy with the urine separator available on the market at the time, the Separett Privy 500. We bought a couple and were disappointed with the quality and the small diameter of the pipe. There was also a grid at the bottom of the pipe that  kept getting blocked with sawdust. With a commission to build two compost toilets for a client, we had a problem. So we headed off to the workshop and started messing about with molds and plastic forming. After several attempts we came up with a suitable diverter that worked and was custom made to suit our compost toilets designs. Once we established the perfect design we then created a mold and had the separators professionally engineered. Since then we have made slight changes over the years as we have received feedback from our customers and are now 100% happy with our design. The We-pee urine separator is the result of all those years of testing and installation. we-pee urine separator