Nightmare Before Christmas Bed

curved wooden bed

We actively encourage customers to come to us with their bespoke designs and whacky bed ideas, and every now and again we get a really unusual request …… If you’re familiar with Tim Burton films, then you’ll recognise immediately where the inspiration for this incredible bed comes from.

A previous customer of ours called Sharron was looking for a new bed. Sharron had bought one of our handmade wooden beds before but now wanted a new bed as her mother had fallen in love with the original Constellations Bed and appropriated it.

Sharron loves Tim Burton films, in particular A Nightmare Before Christmas, and asked us to make her a bed on the theme of Tim Burton’s famous movie. That’s as far as the brief went; Sharron left the rest of the design up to us, and the bed you see here is what we came up with.

The design went down really well and Sharron was delighted with the final product:  “Omg it’s beautiful thank you so much xx”

This bed is an excellent example of how any dream can be turned into a reality, so don’t be shy to contact us with your crazy bed ideas and we can help make them come true.

curved wooden bed curved wooden bed