Story Tellers Range of Chairs

Storytelling chairs are an exciting new way to bring a touch of magic to the playground and classroom. Inspire children to engage with reading and enjoy story time with one of our wooden story telling chairs, which provide a perfect focal point for communal story time.

These beautiful story tellers seats are handmade by my family using recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials and come in a range of different shapes and sizes.

We use a mixture of red sapele wood, reclaimed from former school science desks, recycled Welsh oak fence posts, and local timbers to make our storytelling chairs, held together in the traditional method with wooden dowels.

Story telling time is made all the more exciting with one of our magical story teller’s chairs. Full of character and charm, these majestic seats bring a sense of otherworldliness to story time and offer school pupils an extra special learning experience.

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Handcrafted, each story teller’s chair is unique, with a smooth polished finish to ensure no splinters. We use eco-friendly oils on all our story telling chairs to protect the wood and ensure they are low maintenance.

This storytelling bench offers an intriguing variation for communal story telling time, enabling two people to sit side by side to share the story, and providing a large central feature in the story telling circle.

This giant storytelling throne is the most elaborate of all our story telling seats and provides a truly awe-inspiring central feature in the story time circle. Made with driftwood collected from our local Welsh beaches, polished by the sea and sand, it is full of mystery and grandeur and is sure to capture the imagination.

This child sized story teller’s chair is the perfect complement to the larger seats. It is ideal for use in primary schools to facilitate outdoor learning and encourage children to be excited about reading from the very beginning.