Where does all our furniture go?

From individuals, to businesses, schools and public institutions, Free Range Designs’ furniture is sent off to a wide range of destinations all around the UK. Made with love and packaged with care, we say goodbye and rarely see an item again. This is why we love to get photos back from our customers of their furniture in use.

Here are some pictures of our products in their new homes…

Rustic Heart Garden Benchhttp://www.wheeliebincompostingtoilets.co.uk/reclaimed-wood-furniture/handmade-benches/rustic-heart-garden-bench.html

Rustic Heart Bench

Sent to Melanie in Leicestershire, “Thank you for my beautiful bench. I shall have many a sunny hour sat on my stunning bench.”

Rustic Heart Garden Bench 2

Constellations Bedhttp://www.wheeliebincompostingtoilets.co.uk/reclaimed-wood-furniture/handmade-wooden-beds/handcrafted-fairy-bed.html

In our field before delivery….

Constellations Bed

Sent to Valerie in Cambridgeshire, “Dear Paul and Suzanne, the bed is now safe in its new home and I am delighted with it!

Constellation Bed 1


Slate Dining Room Table / Garden Table, http://www.wheeliebincompostingtoilets.co.uk/reclaimed-wood-furniture/reclaimed-wood-tables/handmade-dining-tables/slate-dining-room-table.html

Slate Dining Table

Sent to See-Saw Film Studios in London, “Hi Suzanne. Attached is a photo of the table in its new home. It looks really lovely“, Sam.Slate Garden Patio Dining Table

Oak Storytelling Chair, http://www.wheeliebincompostingtoilets.co.uk/reclaimed-wood-furniture/handmade-chairs/story-tellers-chair/story-chair.html

Oak Storytelling Chair

Sent to West Tytherley Primary School, Wiltshire, “We have now had the grand opening of our new ‘4 Seasons’ learning garden and I have attached a couple of pictures of  our lovely new story chair being used on the day. We have added a circle of seating logs to the area and the children have enjoyed lots of stories and circle time sessions outdoors. Thanks again for this fantastic resource!”

Oak Story Chair