Wooden Wedding Arch for Lucy and Roland

Our dear friends Lucy and Roland just got married at their home in the south of France, and I had the privilege of making their wooden wedding arch for them to walk through as newly married man and wife. It was a beautiful ceremony with all their family and friends present to celebrate with them, and the sun shined down after many days of unexpected rain!
This is a new style of wedding arch to add to my portfolio, as each one I make is unique, using materials available locally. Lucy and Roland had just finished laying a wooden floor in what was to become the giant wedding reception room, and there was a big pile of douglas fir off cuts left over, which proved to be perfect for making lots of individual shapes – hearts, flowers and stars – which I then wove together to form the arch. Douglas fir is great because it has an attractive peachy colour and will last a long time outside. The arch will remain in Lucy and Roland’s garden long after their wedding day, where they plan to grow beautiful jasmine plants up each side.
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Mirouze!
 wedding-arch wedding-arch wedding-arch02 wedding-arch-09