Urine diverter in a tiny portable compost toilet.

 Ideal for compact van conversions, a customer explains how our urine separators are adaptable to fit different compost toilet designs and dimensions.  We also sell our newer model of urine separator that comes as a complete unit. 

 Urine separators for compact compost loos

My name is Laura I have recently bought one of your urine separators to make a portable dry toilet for my van. I wanted to share with you the final results.

Though the toilet is quite small (because it had to fit in a very tiny space) it works perfectly.

 I had to cut a little bit on the sides of the separator (2cm on each side) because it was too wide for my requirements. I have found that this is a common problem among other customers. 

 I guess offering separators with different measures/sizes, if production allows such a thing, would  solve the problem. Nevertheless, it was easy to cut and all in all. 

I am very happy about your product and would, without doubt, recommend it to anyone looking for a urine separator.  

Thanks again.