Reclaimed Driftwood Arc Bed


 Create your own fantasy sleep sanctuary with this animal arc bedframe where you can escape reality and drift off to faraway lands.  This bed was made for our youngest daughter Olivia with the headboard designed to look like elephant tusks. She was absolutely thrilled with it and we're sure you will be too. 

 Sustainably sourced from a mix of salvaged beech driftwood and birch from ethical suppliers, our beds are made with consideration to the impact of manufacturing on the environment.We use birch ply for the arc because of its fine grainy quality. The runners are also birch ply which gives an aesthetically pleasing soft pale finish with a touch of elegance.  

Strong and beautifully simple in design, this luxury animal fantasy bed will whisk you off to the wilds, transporting you on epic journeys in your slumber.

Follow your fantasy and let us help you manifest the bed of your dreams.

Materials :

Spalted Beech and Birch



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