Bog Standard Composting Toilet


The Bog Standard is a waterless, clean, safe, and no-hassle-to-maintain composting toilet that uses natural processes to produce great useable compost, and is the perfect composting toilet for your allotment, campsite, school, garden, festival or remote cabin.

As its name suggests, the Bog Standard is a no-frills compost toilet that has been designed to be as simple to use, affordable and effective as possible.

The idea of the Bog Standard compost loo is that it can be self-assembled anywhere. It is compact, requires no foundations, is easy to install and is delivered directly to you on a pallet.


- Wooden compost toilet building, supplied flat-pack
- Urine separator with attachments and hosing
- 20 litre plastic container for collecting urine (if not diverted to a soakaway)
- Wooden toilet seat with lid
- Toilet roll dispenser
- Door and steps
- Easy to follow self-assembly instructions
- User’s Manual to help you get the most out of your Free Range loo
- Delivery


The Bog Standard compost loo uses the wheelie bin composting system for collecting and storing the humanure, requiring no interaction with the human waste until it has turned into lovely rich compost.


Toilet Dimensions:

240cm high x 90cm wide x 120cm deep

Testimonial from one customer, October 2015 -


We have the compost toilet installed in a clearing within some ancient woodland, alongside the woodman’s shed and work area. It blends in there nicely and it's also a good functional location for it and one where a traditional plumbed toilet would not have been possible.

Thanks for all your help. Once the base was down, it went up very smoothly and quickly with no problems and it’s a good, sturdy construction so don’t need to worry about it being caught by the wind either. I’m delighted with it.

Kind regards,



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