Harlech Castle Circular Bench


Echoing the concentric design of Harlech Castle, where the legendary Welsh Prince, Owain Glyndwr held his seat of power and fought his last battle, allow this magnificent circular bench to bring a sense of the spectacular and the theatrical to your lawn, woodland school or community gardens. Make it a place from which you too can survey your realm.

As its namesake, a UNESCO World Heritage site was built from locally quarried sandstone, so this theatrical chair has been made from locally sourced oak. It’s intricate and detailed craftsmanship belies its sturdy build, and in this sense, it is at once a practical piece of furniture and an object of great beauty.
Imagine the fun and games children will create given such a dramatic backdrop. Alternately, sit yourself and friends down in its interior courtyard, feast and be merry, tell stories into the night or plot your wildest adventures. This chair has the grandeur to more than hold its own on any occasion or in any setting. 

Materials: Made from 100% solid oak this bench is made to withstand the extreme outdoor climate just like the castle behind it.

Dimensions :

Width : 180cm

Height : 190cm

Depth : 100cm


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