Twin Outdoor Shower Cubicle


Housed in an attractive wooden building to complement the natural surroundings, this twin unit provides two sets of shower facilities in one convenient and compact space. We created this design in response to demand from glampsite owners, who are keen to buy a shower unit that looks stylish and will fit in with the glamping aesthetic. So here is our solution: an attractive wooden shower cabin which can be located almost anywhere, offering a wonderfully hot shower in even the most remote of settings. The shower cubicles include the shower tray and splash panels, but not the water heater or the water mixer, which will need to be bought and plumbed in separately. The shower structure has been designed for the heater and mixer to be easily installed by a plumber, and the shower can be powered by either gas or by a wood fired stove.

The shower unit is made from Douglas fir and clad in vertical cedar boards. The roof is clear so that guests have as much light inside as possible. Depending on your location, the shower can also be made with a window on the side, to provide a view of the outdoor surroundings.

Environmentally friendly outdoor shower

Due to the regulation of gas installations we do not supply any of the showers with gas heaters or shower mixers. The showers have been designed for these to be plumbed in easily by a local plumber.

For gas heating we recommend using a Bosch w1359 water boiler.

For the more adventurous campers we recommend using a wood fired donkey boiler. We have designed one of these for our own campsite and would be happy to share our designs with you.


Outdoor shower specifications:

Single shower unit floor footprint is 800cm x 800cm

Sturdy cubicle construction clad in rustic waney edge timber

Clear roof to maximise natural light

Free draining floor

Covered front porch area

Wood manufactured from locally sourced timber in Wales



Our showers are delivered on a pallet, either complete or in easy to assemble panels. Assembley instructions are provided.


Please get in touch to discuss your project ideas.

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