Large Oak Outdoor Wooden Xylophone


This is a large outdoor xylophone, handmade in Wales with local, sustainably sourced oak, that will guarantee a durable, tuneful musical instrument in the great outdoors, no matter how harsh the weather.

Outdoor wooden xylophones are a great way of bringing children - and adults - together, to create their own rhythms and melodies in the outdoor setting of your choice, irrespective of age or ability. Whether in your school playground, outdoor education site, sensory woodland garden or community garden, you can use a wooden xylophone to bring the joy of music making to all.

With hand beautifully detailed, hand carved, uprights and matching sound sticks, this xylophone is a musical instrument to satisfy all the senses.

Built to last using hardwearing, quality oak throughout, with traditional pegged mortice and tenon joints.

Play to your heart's content!

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