Timber Arc Composting Toilet


Introducing the Timber Arc Composting Toilet, an attractive, half-ellipse design compost toilet, first commissioned by the renowned Centre for Alternative Technology. Utilizing the wheelie bin composting system for collecting and storing humanure, this eco-friendly toilet is perfect for those seeking a modern, sustainable solution.


  • Innovative Design: Half-ellipse shape, built to a high standard for long service life.
  • Eco-Friendly: Uses the wheelie bin system for odor-free composting.
  • Durable Construction: Made to withstand ongoing public use.


  • Delivery: Fully finished and ready for use at sites with vehicle access.
  • Installation: No foundations required; place on stone or concrete slabs.
  • Accessibility: Modifications for wheelchair access are in development.

How the Wheelie Bin Composting System Works:

  • Wheelie Bins: Utilizes two or more 240-liter household bins. One collects humanure, while the others rest and decompose.
  • Urine Separator: Diverts urine into a separate container or soakaway, keeping the waste odor-free.
  • Soak Addition: Adding carbon-rich materials like sawdust or straw helps decomposition.

Tips to Improve Composting:

  • Add Worms: Place a handful of worms at the bottom of the bin to accelerate the composting process.


  • We are working on wheelchair accessible designs and more economical versions.

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