Urine Separator/Diverter for Composting Toilet


Urine separation is the single most important factor in any composting toilet and an integral part of all our eco toilet systems. We designed this plastic urine separator our selves, to divert the wee away from the poo and keep your compost toilet odour free and easy to maintain.

This nifty piece of plastic is our solution for hassle-free urine diversion. Attached with runners or screws to the bottom of the compost toilet seat platform, it can be easily removed for periodic cleaning.

Strong and sturdy, with an easy-to-clean shiny surface, this urine diverter is the outcome of extensive research into the most effective way of diverting urine away from the solids, for both male and female users.

If you have lost your filter then you can order another one by looking for a 4.5cm tea strainer on ebay. Follow this link  The strainer can then be easily disassembled and you will have two pieces.filter for urine separator


Dimensions of Urine Diverter

Length : 337mm
Width : 153mm
Depth : 140mm
Hole size : 38mm


The urine separator is placed under the toilet seat with screws. We find that it is best to position the urine separator about one third from the front of the toilet hole. The separator can be connected using standard 40mm waste pipe or it can connected with flexible ribbed hose. Do a search on ebay for 40mm flexible pond pipe.




"Hiya Paul, I'm just putting the finishing touches to the wetroom- It's a million times better than the separtett ones - well done.

I used the black waste hose on the urine spout and with a j clip, that little fat ridge you made gets it to hold perfect. Great work man"



Dear Free Range Designs

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Urine separator. I have had a composting toilet (lovely loo) I made myself for about three years. It works great. I was dreaming about a "Nature's Head" toilet for my new Mini house but changed my mind. I looked into the Separatti but it would require me to build another toilet due to the shape. The separator you sell was easy to use with my existing loo and has really improved the quality of my life because I don't have to change out the composting buckets nearly as often.

Thank you!

Martin D.


"Thanks so much for the urine separator. I had been looking all over the internet and finally stumbled upon your site. Got it today and it works perfectly! "

Thanks Jay


"Hi Paul . Just to let you know, the urine divertor arrived today one week after ordering."

Thanks Kevin - USA


"We've installed a compost loo using your separator and it works brilliantly. We haven't had to put a drain or hole in the bottom of the wheelie bin we've used because there is very little build up of liquid.Thank you for all your help."

Charlie : Borleymere Shepherds Huts.

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