Compost Toilets for Allotments

Looking for some privacy to pee on the allotment? Look no further than our attractive wooden composting toilets. 

Men might find it easy to just have a wee in the bushes while they're weeding the brassicas, but many women would prefer to have a bit of privacy when nature calls.

Compost toilets are a great solution to provide facilities where historically there were none.

The nature of allotments is that they are shared community spaces, often set away from individuals' homes: a large field divided into many segments acting as a garden away from where you live. As such, it is very common for there not to be any toilet facilities within easy walking of distance of where you grow your veggies. It is also common to not have any electricity at the allotment.

Our composting toilets require no electricity or running water, and are the perfect off-grid solution solution for the eco-conscious gardener. Moreover, as green-fingered growers, allotment holders will appreciate the value of the nutrients in both wee and poo, which can be collected, composted, and put back to good use on the land. A perfect waste to resource system!

Our low-impact allotment toilets come in different shapes and sizes, but the benefits are all the same: a pleasant place to pee in privacy; an attractive building made from natural, sustainable materials; a composting system that produces nutrient-rich compost and natural fertilisers for free!


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