School Storytelling Arch


What lies behind the gate? Thresholds and entrances have a deep-set place in myth, in our psychology and in our sense of place and are vital parts of the architecture of any space. The arch in the picture was crafted for a school, a place where children spend most of their waking lives, and it is the first part of the school that they come into contact with in the morning. How might that first impression affect the rest of their day?

This arch was handmade out of sustainable Welsh oak and larch in our Snowdonia workshop. We can incorporate any ideas that you have about your own wooden entranceway's appearance; all of our designs are bespoke. We aim to fire children's imaginations with this design, whether it's as a school or playground entrance or as the portal to a secret storytelling garden; the important thing for us is that a significant gateway in children's lives is made of something more beautiful, welcoming and inspiring than steel railings. 

Like most of our products, the price you see is just a guide price. The price depends on several factors like size, distance from us and materials used. Please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

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